Japan Day 1 – Hiroshima. Sunroute Hotel and Hassei

Checked in at the airport!

 photo 06.jpg

I only have basic foundation on, so gonna wear specs to cover up those panda eyes.

 photo 06 2.jpg

This is going to be my first SQ flight! Excited but very sleepy now.

 photo 07.jpg

Flying soon. Bye everybody. See ya in 12 hours? If I have wifi.

 photo 07 2.jpg

– – – – –

My breakfast during the flight! Baked eggs and sausage. Not amazing but it’s the experience that matters.

 photo 10 2.jpg

This is a refreshment. A very light lunch before we land in Tokyo. It’s a chicken satay wrap. Overheated, the wrap was crispy at the ends.

 photo 13 1.jpg

 photo 13 2.jpg

That’s Mount Fuji! My sister says it looks like a nipple. Lol! It feels different looking at the real thing. During a certain time, Mount Fuji looks like it’s floating on the clouds.

 photo 14 1.jpg

Here’s a tip: If you are taking morning flights, sit on the left side of the plane to enjoy this view.

 photo 14 3.jpg

Because bored and this looks like a nice thing to take photo of.

 photo 14 9.jpg

– – – – –

At Haneda Airport! We will have to get out of this airport and get to the domestic flight terminal to get on another flight to Hiroshima.

 photo 15 4.jpg

 photo 15 2.jpg

Quite an interesting sight at the domestic airport. People can check in their baggage here. It’s automated, they just have to place their baggage inside the machine.

 photo 16 2.jpg

We still had time to walk around a little before boarding. Don’t have to rush.
I got this drink, told boyfriend it’s Katy Perry drink. He imagined it to taste like pink dolphin but actually…

 photo 16 3.jpg

It’s only water la! Hahaha!

Bought a box of tonkotsu sandwich to share. Quite good, would be better if we could have it warm.

 photo 16 4.jpg

 photo 16 6.jpg

This looks really good, bought a small box to try. Japanese packaging all so pretty!

 photo 16 1.jpg

 photo 16 8.jpg

Slight matcha fragrance but it’s a little too sweet. Around SGD $6 for a box of 5.

 photo 16 9.jpg

– – – – –

We’re at Hiroshima Airport! It’s a very small place with only 2 baggage conveyor belts.

 photo 19 1.jpg

 photo 19 2.jpg

Getting bus tickets to Hiroshima Bus Center. Look at the red letters at the most left, those are the timing for the buses from the airport. The timings at the next few columns is the timing where the bus will be at the next few stops.

 photo 19 6.jpg

Also note that we have to take the bus is at Platform 1, which is just right outside the airport.

 photo 19 5.jpg

Select your tickets and chi-ching! Maximum 3 tickets at one time, which is funny because there’s 4 of us.

 photo 19 3.jpg

Out comes our change and tickets. Everything is so automated!

 photo 19 4.jpg

 photo 19 8.jpg

The so-called Platform 1.

 photo 19 9.jpg

And the boyfriend.

 photo 19 10.jpg

Inside the bus. It’s just like taking bus in Taiwan. The only difference is the language. As long as you keep watching the time, you will get down at the right station. They’re very punctual.

 photo 19 11.jpg

– – – – –

Yeah! At the bus center and it looks like that…

 photo 20 2.jpg

 photo 20 1.jpg

Then we started walking to the hotel, walk-able distance anyway. Our butts are numb due to the flights.

Saw the atomic bomb site while we were on the way to the hotel.

 photo 20 3.jpg

Keep walking down along the river to our hotel.

 photo 20 4.jpg

That’s our hotel, Sunroute Hiroshima.

 photo 20 5.jpg

 photo 20 6.jpg

 photo 23 1.jpg

Checking in before we head for our already late dinner.

 photo 20 9.jpg

There are vending machines at the hotel lobby.

 photo 20 7.jpg

And snacks.

 photo 20 8.jpg

Some kind of flea going on.

 photo 20 10.jpg

Ooooh~! Cute make up brushes too, got flowers and hearts. Not cheap though.

 photo 20 11.jpg

 photo 20 12.jpg

The room is very very small. We need to do ballet to move around.

 photo 21 1.jpg

 photo 21 2.jpg

 photo 21 3.jpg

The toilet looks far more spacious.

 photo 21 4.jpg

– – – – –

Wash up for 15 mins and we’re out to look for dinner!

Going to a okonomiyaki store that’s quite highly rated on TripAdvisor, Hassei.

There’s a few shops here, we had to google and see how the shop looks like or what is the name of the shop in Japanese letterings.

 photo 21 5.jpg

 photo 21 6.jpg

There it is, hidden away in a corner. It’s 八誠 in Japanese.

 photo 21 7.jpg

Close up of the shop front.

 photo 21 8.jpg

A very small and humble shop with lots of graffiti on the walls.

 photo 21 11.jpg

 photo 21 10.jpg

 photo 21 18.jpg

Don’t worry, there’s English on the menu. 👍

 photo 21 9.jpg


 photo 21 17.jpg

Cabbage with pork, spring onions and eggs. Yumz. I like.

 photo 21 21.jpg

Mushrooms fried in butter. I usually wouldn’t go for this because of the butter but I have to say… this is really good. The butter was very very fragrant.

 photo 21 23.jpg

Okonomiyaki that’s prepared with soba noodles. Mmm~ soba noodles have a more tough texture to it. More feel.

 photo 22 5.jpg

This is prepared with udon. I prefer this because the udon adds a little sweetness? It’s like comfort food in a way.

 photo 22 4.jpg

Top it with mayo!

 photo 22 8.jpg

We have to eat with this little tool. In the end, we gave up because we simply are not used to it.

 photo 22 7.jpg

Family mart time. That matcha ice cream looks really yum. Didn’t get it. Too full.

 photo 22 9.jpg

You’ll find muji in Family Mart… whattt…

 photo 22 10.jpg

Bought this so that I could clear some shit. Haha!

 photo 23 3.jpg

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