April flowers.

Scarlet Cafe @ Eighteen Chefs
And so. I wanted to have dinner here at Eighteen Chefs, the restaurant just opened yesterday.

Ordered the half spring chicken with heart attack fried rice to share. The serving is so small, I think the heart attack would be caused by the oil that was used to fry the fried rice.

Not worth it. This is $13.80. I could have gone to Arnold’s get a whole fried spring chicken with some other add-ons.
#tifarabbit is super adorable tonight.
Very active. She hasn’t hump my plush yet. Hope she’s not too in heat today.
Ultimate cute!
I think April is one of the best month to get married because there’s so many pretty little flowers.
Even hyacinth.
Purple Oni.
Eeeee… so cute!
Today’s #ootd. Why so stripey? Lol.

Need to starve myself a little bit more, so that I will look thin.

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