farewell purin

Roses Only Singapore
Woohoo! Office signboard is finally up! And the roses vinyl sticker too.

Chio right? Lol.
It’s Christine’s last day… she cried a little after reading the farewell messages from us. We were kind of back to the nostalgic old days where we used to laugh and joke with each other.

It felt good. =)

Received a lavender lip balm all the way from New Zealand. Smells nice eh. But I haven’t open mine yet. Haha.

Well, a farewell isn’t a real farewell if we are still going to meet up in future.

Long John Silver’s
Dining alone, since boyfriend is still working.

They have fried chicken drumstick with fish fillet set, looks interesting.

The chicken drumstick not bad. Fragrant, tender and juicy. Just that the skin not crispy, although the name of the meal is ‘Crispy Chicken Delight’. The irony. Lol.
#tifarabbit is in heat… since late last night. Trying to hump my plush. I think she’s getting quite irritated by the fact that she needs to get humped…

I’m watching her run around, try to hump (even though she’s a girl), rest and then run around again. Poops around the bed… You poop when you’re in heat? That’s very uncultured of you. Aiyooo.

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