tifa is shocked

Ajisen Ramen
Can’t believe I’m having #Vegetable #Ramen. I have this weird craving for veggie only, I must be quite constipated… lol.
Getting my dose of #tifarabbit today. I miss her many many ah! She was kind of excited when she heard me and couldn’t wait to come out and meet me. Aww~
That surprised look when I coughed. LOL! Why you so cute one?
My pillow got my smell hor, miss me so much… she’s still sleeping at the spot while I’m typing this.
Total relaxation. That spot is yours already. I give you. Lol.
I was watching a instagram video. It was loud. Haha… Tifa stood up with a super surprised look, I didn’t manage to catch that. But it was super cute one la!
Nah. Here’s the surprise look. Got even funnier one but I will need to stage that and hope she won’t die of heart attack. Lol lol.

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