Coming home

Managed to feed the cats before coming back to Singapore. The 3rd cat was here but not the 1st. Hmm… seems like the 3rd cat got into a fight, a huge part of the skin at its side is gone, can see the red flesh. Haiyo…

At least it doesn’t look infected. I can’t get near it at all, it will just run off without finishing the food.
#Curry #beehoon! 

I don’t like cockles but if you ever come to Kampar. Must have the curry cockles that’s soaked in the curry chilli sauce, like the little plate of sauce you see at the back.
My 小姑 say must order their #三色奶茶, the very dark brown thing is #GulaMelaka. Very nice lo! 

Next time I wanna use brown sugar to make my #milktea liao. Hahahaha!
Our bus was suppose to come at 10 am but it only came at 12 pm… late for 2 hours!
Seriously… I don’t like asking people to help but if you need certain help, I’ll gladly do it within my means.

If it wasn’t for the fact that everyone else has important things to attend to, I don’t have to ask you at all. Argh! Oh, by the way… I did not ask you for help, why do you have to be so rude to comment for somebody else?

Never mind, it’s over already. Just needed to complain a little.
On the bus for 8 HOURS! It shouldn’t take so long! So sick of the bus already.

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