tomb sweeping

Early breakfast at 6am while waiting for my dad to come and fetch us.

There was this mentally unsound guy that keeps looking at us while we were eating. Luckily my dad came not long after.
The best kind of drinks to have here. Iced #coffee and #milo.
There’s 3 #kitties in my kampung house! So cute lo! If I do get to a supermarket later, I’ll get them some food.
#Kitty number 2. The 3rd kitty very shy, don’t know go where hide le.
Little purple furry #flowers, so pretty. 

We have to finish tomb sweeping, and we were asked to help relay the message of my aunt’s passing.
Great grandparents. I’ve never seen them before but visit almost every year.
Had some #coconut juice before we continued getting roasted under the sun.
Lunch time!

Restaurant Boo Seng
Stir fried roast pork. Favorite! They can always fry until the roasted skin is still crispy one.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Favorite veggie! Cannot find this in Singapore.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Marmite pork ribs! Favorite!

Restaurant Boo Seng
This is the best #tofu! Favorite also! Hahahahha!

Restaurant Boo Seng
The real kampung chicken.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Egg! Egg egg egg.

Restaurant Boo Seng
Ok la. Veggie lo. Lol!
Dying due to the heat here. I’m getting roasted.
The moment I don’t wish to see is finally here. The kind of crying for a loved one, exactly like the one when my grandmother passed away… it’s going to happen soon.

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