Bye bye, aunt.

My Aunt in Malaysia has just passed away midnight. Haiz…

My dad must be super sad right now but he doesn’t show it on his face. Before CNY, he was already planning to go Malaysia tonight and visit her.

So when my Sister told him about the news, he was like, “Why can’t she wait for 2 more days…”
Just managed to book 2 coach tickets for my Sister and me. My parents will be taking my uncle’s car, so we will meet them there.

Need to quickly rush down to Golden mile to pay money… change money… pack bag…
Ok. Just paid the money, had lunch… now rushing to another place…
Yup. It’s here. More things to pack inside my bag. Argh!

My left knee feels weird, like twisted… my right hip is stuck… what have I got myself into?

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