tifa update . food for thought . pole dance

Tifa lost some appetite after taking her med last night. Then I have to keep making sure that she is eating okay. 

I gave her:
● pellets
● papaya tablet
● veggies

Okay, at least she’s still very active, dashing across the bed and straight down from the bed (looks like she fell but she actually did that on purpose).

Food for Thought 8QSAM
Gained fats before pole dancing class starts. #Roast #pulledpork #burger. This is more like stew pork and not roast pork, got no crispy skin… The meat is dry… kinda miserable. Still managed to finish it, don’t want to waste money.
Pole dancing was tiring today. Think I just gained at least 2 more bruises and I kind of strained my shoulder. Well, at least I did manage to go up the pole. 

Tomorrow sure die of muscle ache.

And I probably should do weight lifting while stretching my legs… hmm…

I was leaning on the pillar while waiting for the bus at the bus stop…
 it felt like the pillar was the pole! 
Oh damn it. I must be crazy.

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