pipi is back from nagoya

The Roti Prata House
Lunch was very satisfying, and fattening of course.

#currymutton #nasibriyani
Boyfriend is back from Nagoya and I got gifts from him. Awww… he’s so sweet.
Gifts comes together with many many snacks!

#Miffy grape candy!
#Royce potato chips, although it’s not the Calbee with Royce Chocolate that I wanted but it’s better than nothing. 


And #Calbee salted potato chips.
Chocolate snacks!
This #Morinaga #ChocoFlake is really good! It has #chocolate that melts-in-your-mouth and not the kind that is just covered by cocoa powder and sugar.
Instant #ramen. Cooking these for dinner since they can’t be kept for long.
The green packet… I think it’s salty… don’t like the texture of the #noodles.
White packaging. Not as salty, but it gets more and more salty at the end. The soup base was a little salty already, plus there’s salt inside the noodles too to preserve it.
#tifarabbit is so happy to be back. Keep binky while running around the room. She almost forgot how to jump up to the bed. Haha.

That’s her snuggling with my feet, I was sitting there, stretching and reading my magazine and she just wiggle in and lay down. 

Oh. I realised I could kind of make her follow me around and order her to get inside her litterbox. Hahaha!

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