Day 72 Thursday, 13 Mar 2014

#Polkadot #denim top from BKK. Leggings and #converse #sneakers. #Billingham bag to go with the look. A colourful hair tie which I really like from BKK too.

#ootd #wiwt #outfit

P.s. I have a special fragrance on me, it’s called Salonpas. LOL!

Tifa bit me today, because she couldn’t lick me as I was wearing leggings, she tried to bite of my leggings… bit me at the same time. ='(
Super pain one.
I have bunnies out with me today, also from BKK. The shop is #MakenHappen, got this from #Asiatique, although they have one in #Chatuchak too.
Another oat dinner tonight! Ru Rou Fan version. Smelling good~

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