Pole dance

In my new cheapo top and necklace from bkk. Lol. Aussie boss is here and because I don’t want him to be nagging at me… I have to rush in the morning, so I won’t be late.#PoleDance is torture… the ‘F’ word came out of me a few times… 
Wave? I don’t even look like a worm. Knee spin was painful, I have a few bruises already. And that kate moss move is… Argh! The use chest wipe floor thing… what the hell… I was stuck. LOL!
So hungry. Gonna eat this instant #tofusoup which boyfriend bought from Nagoya.
This is the dried tofu cube. Interesting.
The tofu will break into smaller pieces when I poured the water in. I added a few spoons of oats inside too, then it became porridge like. Omg I feel old… I’m actually starting to eat oat recently.
Okay. I have to play with #tifarabbit now before I get complained for animal negligence.

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