Bangkok Day 1

Going to #Bangkok soon! Before that, I have to make sure that Tifa’s area is all cleaned and food is replenished. 

Even wrote 2 huge notes for my Papa to see, in case he forgets anything. Have to let him know that he has to give Tifa papaya tablet daily, she is shredding now, I wouldn’t wants to risk Tifa having gastric stasis.
We’re at Bangkok! Checked-in. Super hungry.
Took the train to #Ari BTS, it’s already 9+pm. So this is the closest place for food. 

There were a few restaurants at #LaVilla, including Fuji, so if you like sweet Japanese food then you can head there.

We decided to dine at #KabKaoKabPla.
My #strawberry #soda.
His iced coffee. Hehe.
Took photos.
#Pork knuckle #stew. Mmmmm… nicely stewed and tender. Plus the soft-boiled #egg. Thumbs up!

#porkstew #softboiledegg
Sweet #pork #friedrice with dry #tomyum. Has this thick creamy egg taste. Highly recommended!
Spicy #shrimppaste, quite refreshing initially with its slight lime fragrance. Crispy #pork was like deep fried #roastpork. With loads of boiled veggies and soft-boiled #egg.

Nothing special about this.

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