Valentine’s Day . Chocolate Origin

Our retail corner this year! I’ve been selling ‘smiles’ for the whole day. Tired sia… better than getting scolded by customers though. =S
I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I hate the people who screw it up. These people can never learn their mistakes, never take what you cannot eat!

And. And… 

I dun like girls who think that one day is so-very-important. All those guys can only love their ladies on that day meh???
I was hungry and tired, I didn’t want to leave the bed. I asked the boyfriend to get me some yogurt with granola.

He went out and came back with nothing… I was like, “where the food?” He ask to me wait until his mum go to sleep first. Soooo I waited with an empty stomach.

Finally his mum went to bed… and he gave me this box!
Empty box! Where the food?
Here it is. With added fruit flowers decorated by him. ♡♡♡

Have you tried frozen tomato before? I did. It was quite nice surprisingly. 

The cake was of course very very yummy… sinful… Omg. Om nom nom.

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