Day 39 Saturday, 8 Feb 2014

A war just happened at my relative’s place. LOL. Yearly affair… I always make sure I’m not opposite certain ‘war-starters’.
Huat ah!

Shabu Sushi
Meet up with Sarah and Ah Long today for steamboat buffet. We are finally using our Groupon vouchers before it expires next week.

Shabu Sushi
Got quite a good variety of cooked food too. 

Just note that this is a halal steamboat place, so there’s no pork. Most importantly, you don’t have to leave your seats too often to get food. The raw ingredients for steamboat passes by on the conveyor belt, just take what you want.

I kept taking broccoli. LOL!

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert (香港盛記甜品)
Sat down for #desserts after some shopping around, feeling very thirsty after the steamboat… 

And I have already collected my 10 days power pack samples from Clarins.
Okay. I have another ‘getai’ to rush to later. Got to get ready~

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