naughty tifa

This is what we came back to. It’s weird that she doesn’t chew through those bags of treats. Gotta put it higher now, don’t want things dropping on her even through she is the one pushing all the things down.
My #rabbit is super cute one!!!
Did you just call me?
Totally melt when she looks at me like that. Plus! If she tilts her head a little with the ‘???’ look… Ahhh!!! I give her 100 points!
Dunno why suddenly very hungry, I had 7 packs of Wang Wang at one go. Die laaaaaa. ..
The public transport in SG is soooooooo hopeless when you have to wait 20 to probably 30 mins for the next bus. 10 mins wait shouldn’t even happen at all in a ‘first-world’ country.

And you know the taxi isn’t an option when there’s already 2 people waiting… and they are still there…
Subway for lunch! Can’t remember when was the last time I had subway… definitely not last month or the last last month… hmm…
Road ahead.

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