Chu Yi

My relatives came over to visit. (Ps. I woke up at 3pm because I slept at 6am) So we chit chat a little…

I’m going to see them tomorrow again, no pics with them today because I don’t have any make-up on.

 photo 01-nephew.jpg

My nephew kept rolling around on my bed. I dunno why. My bed must be super comfy la. Hahaha. My cousin’s girlfriend was here too, nephew kept going out to lead her back to my room and then continue to roll on my bed until the girlfriend disappears again. And then he goes out to get her back again. Lol lol. Very hum sup hor?

 photo 02-dinner.jpg

Black pepper chicken, steamed fish, ABC soup, stir-fry leek and lettuce. Yumz!

I ate quiet a lot yesterday… even had some Mcdonald’s for supper… I was worried about my weight. I stood on the weighing scale. I was at least half kg LIGHTER. Wth?

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