chinese new year is coming

 photo 02-yawn.png

Don’t know why I’m still so tired after sleeping for so long… and headache…. Argh…

 photo 03-faint.png

Tifa is emo and frightened just now. It’s like she saw something and then quickly hopped in a corner and continue to look around cautiously.

Ran around a bit more and she finally hid behind the cage. Thump a few times when boyfriend tried to comfort her.

Slowly calmed down after giving her treats. She finally came out after boyfriend walk away. Then she’s okay already. Running around me asking for her favorite pellets.

Hmm… did Chobi come back to scare her or what?

 photo 04-emptyfridge.jpg

I… first time see supermarket frozen food area empty out until like that. o.0

 photo 01-bean.jpg

What is this super huge flat-pea looking thing?

 photo 05-specialoffer.jpg

And the CNY snacks are selling at $3 and above. Huge offer! My dad keep sweeping them off the shelves. My mum opened a container of pea cookies to try and dad says it’s nice and he went back in to buy 2 more. Die le, die. Those fats…

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