family drama . fetching boyfriend from airport

 photo 09-haiz.jpg

See… ah… disheartening right. Give up hope. I never look down on people, I used to get looked down by people too and I worked my way up. I DID IT!

And look who’s talking? Seriously? I have friends from ITE too and most of them are doing very well now.

You all don’t ask me that is it the way I treat him, so he is like that? Try standing on my side. He never ever treats his own family members properly. Forever the victim.

And also his topic totally missing the point about that in actual fact, it’s a guy in disguise as a lady… while making those racist remarks.

 photo 10-haiz.png

I really cannot take it anymore.

Sorry Tifa, if I could I wouldn’t want you to hear all that shouting. Doesn’t matter if you are a human or an animal. It’s very bad for health and the heart…

 photo 11-yawn.png

Kind of had some ‘lunch’ just now. Time for a nap, soooooo sleepy due to the crazy saga last night.

By the way, I truly feel enlightened about the putting your pride and ego thing aside. Sacrifice yourself for the sake for peace. Totally. Quarrels are not about winning the argument, who’s right, who’s wrong. I mean people can see and hear that who is being unreasonable. Soooo… let them judge instead. I don’t care about people who like to victimised themselves. So ya.


 photo 01-gongcha.jpg

I always get a GongCha while waiting for boyfriend at the airport.

 photo 02-parisbaguette.jpg

ParisBaguette will be opening soon! Next time, I can enjoy a coffee here while I wait.

 photo 03-ootd.jpg


 photo 04-snacks.jpg

Boyfriend bought me mini #nutella ! Super cute!

 photo 05-afteryou.jpg

Marshmallows and honeysyrup from After You.

 photo 06-bangkokcookies.jpg

And Bangkok cookies!

 photo 07-tifa.jpg

Tifa can be very funny sometimes. Look at that tail. Haha.

 photo 08-tifa.jpg

She just flopped and lie down suddenly, making it look like she is hugging onto her food dish. Cuteness overload!

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