photo 01-faint.png

Sick liao. Must be due to the lack of sleep during the holidays until now. Why is it so difficult to get enough sleep???
Dear nose, you don’t need to lose weight, stop running.

Tifa just sneezed multiple timesssssssssss…
* me walks away to get mint *

 photo 02-sleep.png

Didn’t know I was so tired… I slept for soooooo long and still tired. Hungry now, shall continue sleeping after I’m done with food and rest my body more.

 photo 03-shock.png

I was getting food in the kitchen, when I came out of the kitchen… I saw a black thing going pass…

This sneaky #rabbit followed me out.

Wait I got more energy then I play with you, ok?
* hands her a little treat *

– – – – –

I have long ago given up on this person, so I shouldn’t feel anything at all, right?
Never appreciates you for what you have done. And when he needs help, he assumes that you have to help him but if you know how not appreciative this person is, you will also just brush him off.
So many many many times I keep trying to tell myself, it’s OK. Give him another time to trust him again this time and he has never failed to disappoint. Too disheartening.
Damn. I must calm down.

– – – – –

 photo 04-omg.jpg

Look what Tifa did! She chewed my Surface charging cable! Argh~!

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