airplane tifa

 photo 01-tifa.jpg

Now I wake up to morning with a bunny and wants you to accompany her. Looks and wait for you to feed her. Then when you want to go to the toilet, she looks like she is ready to jump out of her playpen anytime just to follow you.

And her sneezing is still bad… the mucus may be dry now, so you hear the lungs ‘crackling’ away when she breathes.

 photo 02-tifa.jpg

Letting her breathe in some Vick’s, and she felt better… I left the bottle open and placed it beside the playpen. Hopefully it can soothe her lungs.

 photo 03-porkchop.jpg

Yesterday eat chicken, today eat #pork. Dunno why the mushroom sauce is not on the pork chops but under. Hmm…

 photo 04-tifa.jpg

Tifa waiting for me to feed her. So cute, right? The ears goes airplane mode when she’s hyper and looking forward to something.

She just pee on my bed again. Haiz. Stop marking territory, can? It’s yours, all yours la.

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