tifa the escape artist

 photo 01-tifa.jpg

Always by my side.
Always looking for the chance to pee on my bed or chew on my wood furniture / toys / whatever that is lying around.
Always looking for me. =)

 photo 02-worried.png

Going to be soooo late for work now. Thanks to Tifa, the little devil.
She’s an escape artist now! I knew something like that was going to happen. She was so hyper, looking around her playpen. Before I left the house, I went back to my bedroom to check and she was really not in her playpen anymore.

Tifa, I named you after a character in Final Fantasy but you don’t have to be like her.

 photo 03-chicken.jpg

Lunch was massive but I felt good. Hehe. Gonna store up more energy to manage Tifa tonight.

 photo 04-salad.jpg

Caramelised garlic chicken fillet salad with sesame dressing for dinner! Got to lose some weight. Yum yum.

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