tifa at the vert . mcdonald’s dessert hack

 photo 01-tifa.jpg

Vet visit today. Her sneezing is not getting any better. Changed the antibiotic and doc says that respiratory infection in #bunnies may be long term because it’s difficult to cure.

 photo 02-ohno.png

Good news is… Tifa weighs 740 grams now! She was 600 grams just 2 weeks ago. My girl is growing well! She’s actually heavier than Chobi already.

 photo 04-steamedgourmet.jpg

Had something very healthy for lunch, too much food last night. This is the fish paste with tofu but I still prefer the minced meat with lotus root tastes better.

 photo 05-cunipic.jpg

Got a new treat for Tifa. Just look at that price. How can I not get it, right? The expiry date is March 2014 but since it’s just dried food, I think it can be kept longer.

Tifa only had half of the cube though. Hmm… she got self-control perhaps. Hahaha.

 photo 06-kwaychap.jpg

Because of Nadine’s post this morning… boyfriend craved for #kwaychap too. By the way, it’s the same stall as what Nadine posted.

This is a serving for 2 persons, the stall owner is always very generous, it looks like it’s for 3 or 4 people. The best is that it is only $9.50!

 photo 07-cinnamonmeltsandsoftserve.jpg

Initially we wanted to go to Thomson for some dessert, probably at Udders but we didn’t really want to travel. Then I thought why not just go Mcdonalds for ice cream.

So while we were walking to Mcdonald’s, I was thinking about applepie and then the icecream… I couldn’t decide which one to get… then the thought, “Why can’t I put them together? I will just be like warm apple crumble with ice cream. ” but they don’t provide plates to place the apple pie… I was a little sad.

Then I saw the cinnamonmelts! Perfect! Got fork to eat with! And so… boyfriend ordered according to what I asked for.

The result was amazing!!! The cold soft serve together with the warm, sweet and gooey cinnamon melts… It just completed my day.

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