happy 2014

 photo 01-newyear.png

May all the bad luck go away! I’ve lost ez-link cards and keys too much until I’m so scared of it. I’ve hardly lost anything… ever… until 2013. Super suay, okay?

I lost Chobi in 2013, that was probably the saddest moment… but I’ve also got Tifa not long ago. Although I do have the urge to call her Chobi instead. (Still used to that.)

 photo 02-tifa.jpg

Before 2013 ended, Tifa jumped on the bed to play with me for the first time. She’s so adventurous today. = ]

Tifa was really hyper today. Came onto the bed again and she keep speeding and crashing around on the bed. She so unbearably cute!!!

Tifa decided to wake me up from my morning nap… and even marked her territory so very discreetly. This little devil of mine. -.-“

 photo 03-prosperityburger.jpg

My first meal in 2014. To prosperity! Because we just have no idea what to eat and we ended having #Mcdonald’s.

 photo 04-lalang.jpg

Picture of a ‘lalang’ while strolling in Bishan park.

 photo 05-tifa.jpg
Lazy bunny is lazy.

 photo 06-tifa.jpg

And her sexy butt.

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