Christmas Potluck

 photo 01-xmasparty.png

Potluck at Kat’s place!

 photo 02-potluck.jpg

I prepared tomato curry pasta and ham, tomato & cheese egg. I think I over estimate already. >. <

 photo 03-potluck.jpg

So much food.

 photo 04-xmaspresents.jpg

And many many presents!

 photo 05-xmasgifts.jpg

This is how I wrap the presents this year.

 photo 06-swensens.jpg

Got ice cream cake!

 photo 07-swensens.jpg

Om nom nom nom…

 photo 08-cherries.jpg

Thank you, Geri, for the yummy cherries!

 photo 09-gifts.jpg

Thank you everybody for the presents! I love them all!

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