pipi birthday . mitsuba

 photo 01-cake.jpg

This is the chocolate cake that I baked for Boyfriend’s birthday. =)

 photo 02-cake.jpg

With slices of banana and chocolate granache in between. Covered with lots of granache….
This cake was soooooooo very sinful. I had to fight with Boyfriend for the cake because it was too good and he wanted it all for himself.

 photo 03-awesome.png

Feeling awesome because the cake was successful! Heh heh heh…

 photo 04-mitsuba.jpg

Had dinner with boyfriend at Mitsuba. The chef that was previously from Wasabi Tei, then Chikuwa Tei and this is he most recent restaurant. The chef was there today.
The appetiser is not the seaweed with peanuts… I was looking forward to it. =(

 photo 05-mitsuba.jpg

I had the Sushi rice with salmon and swordfish. The salmon wasn’t cut evenly but I have got to say it’s fresh. Swordfish is really nice though, I could feel the juice coming out from every bite.

 photo 06-mitsuba.jpg

Boyfriend had the Unagi set. Well marinated and yummy.

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