It's Christmas day! Whatever lah, I don't really have the festive mood. LOL.

At my own house right now and all I know is that I miss Tifa.

That's her being very naughty and acting like a cat. Of course, she's very happy, look at all those binkies! Kinda crazy. Haha.

#bunny #bunnies #rabbit #rabbits #tifarabbit

Had lunch with Mum, since boyfriend has his personal errands to do too. Mum is always indecisive with what she wants to eat, choose very long…

I ordered the must-have #Mentaiko #Toast. A little too salty this time.

There was this promotion that if you order this set of #Mentaiko #Pasta with #Clams, #Mussels and #Mushrooms, together with a plate of chicken wings. By the way, you can choose of a free side dish, which i ordered the Mentaiko Toast.

The #Chickenwings are really good. Juicy and crispy! Even my mum likes it, keep asking me if they sell it separately but no, I do not see it.

Tifa is very very easy to grab and hold. Anytime with one hand, that is if she doesn't grow too big too soon. =)

If it's Chobi, we will get a lot of scratches from all her struggling. Even holding her with two hands is a problem for us.

This is the Happy Crab that boyfriend's friends have been telling us, we are finally here to try it.

#Crab is fresh, you can just taste the sweet flavour of the flesh. There's a smear of sweet pepper sauce on the crab, although I don't really know why is there a need for it.

There's three kinds of sauces that we don't usually eat crab with: #sambal which is quite good, #mayonnaise – my favourite and the #wasabi with soya sauce makes me crave for sashimi.

Look at all those crab eggs… I couldn't take it just like that, I'm not a fan of crab eggs. I mixed a little mayonnaise in it and it tastes better.

The shop was kind of sad looking, we even doubt ourselves that we may have perhaps search for the wrong place.

$30 per crab

** May easily create the same dish, as long as you can get fresh crabs.

We moved on to Yong He Eating House for some #soya #beancurd.

I like to have it together with soya bean drink so that it wouldn't be overly sweet.

The #youtiao was quite big.

They actually have #RuRouFan at $3.50. We ordered one to share, it was better than some other stalls but nothing like what we had in Taiwan.

Well… erm… goodnight!
Tifa says goodnight to you too.

#bunny #bunnies #rabbit #rabbits #tifarabbit

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