Tifa’s first vet visit.

We finally brought Tifa to the vet in the morning, to have a look at her sneezing. She was sneezing 10 times at one go, from a sitting on fours to a sitting on twos with her hands covering her nose trying to stop her sneezes. I kinda freaked out, not knowing how I can help her to stop them.
We didn’t have to wait long to see the vet. Apparently her sneezes could be due to the dust from her hay or pellets. 

And…. she has got fur mites! The vet showed me the alive and kicking mite that was from Tifa’s fur…
It looks something like that? I only know it look fugly with lots of legs. *disgusted* Vet says got eggs too… what the…
So now I’m actually waiting for Tifa’s stuffs to get soak in warm water. Airing some of them right now… and I had to throw away some of her food items, in case there are mites are in those too.

Tifa is now in the carrier, she’s so emo. Couldn’t leave her running around while I’m cleaning.
Thanks to My Happy Tales for this pack of bunny treats! I just gave one to Tifa and she has finally relaxed in the carrier. (She was just sitting in a corner and starring into space before that, looks totally emo.)

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