We got Tifa the rabbit!

I finally brought Tifa home yesterday! Who’s Tifa? She my new rabbit which I got from Rabbit Headquarters. I gave up on adopting because I just would not allow myself to be at the mercy of those irresponsible pet owners. Calling off meet ups at the last minute, one actually didn’t even turn up at all and just vanish without any reason.

Never thought that I will get a black rabbit. I don’t just buy one because it’s cute. It is more like a spiritual need for me, I have to feel close to it…
Name: Tifa
Breed: Black Otter Holland Lop
Date of Birth: 12 Oct 2014
It didn’t even take her much time to feel comfortable with us. Just look at her, she’s so relaxed… she could just suddenly stop somewhere and start sleeping.
Super relaxed.
Tifa enjoys playing too! She managed to pull a strand of hay from the fish and ate it. Haha. She’s really cute.

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