National Day 2012

We can’t be staying at home since it’s National Day, right? Must go out to see fireworks!

 photo IMG_7319.jpg

We were there early.

 photo IMG_7321.jpg

And it was already quite crowded at MBS.

 photo P1040075.jpg

We have planes flying in the sky.

 photo P1040077.jpg

Warming up the fireworks.

 photo P1040083.jpg

We waited quite long for the parade to finish up and…


 photo IMG_7326.jpg

 photo IMG_7330.jpg

 photo IMG_7332.jpg

 photo IMG_7378.jpg

 photo IMG_7403.jpg

Of course, I still like the fireworks we saw at Taiwan during New Year’s Day.

– – – – –

Then we went all the way to Chinatown for dinner! I love meat dumplings!

 photo IMG_7409.jpg

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