Eat: Itacho Sushi

Stepped into Itacho Sushi for the first time.

I was quite intimidated by the prices on the menu. One piece of sushi can cost like a $10 or even more. Oh wow… The ingredients must be super fresh from Japan. They do really have a lack in service standards here, pay so much but you don’t feel like you are being served properly. 10% service charge of the total amount of food ordered? Seriously, their service needs a lot of improvement.

Mentaiko egg.

Chawanmushi with Crab Meat.

Swordfish with truffle.

Salmon sashimi.

Fried tempura.

Scallops! I love the scallop sushi, naturally sweet and oh-so-melt-in-my-mouth. If I ever do come back again, I’m only going to order the scallop ones.

Happy Birthday, Helen! Although it doesn’t feel like we’re celebrating your birthday today.

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