Harry Potter Exhibition & Sushi Express!

Took leave today and I’m going to meet boyfriend!

 photo IMG_6316.jpg

Some light brunch before we head to MBS.

 photo IMG_6319.jpg

Us. =)

 photo IMG_6326.jpg

Mint coloured jelly beans! Matcha flavoured.

 photo IMG_6329.jpg

Some cheap and pretty plum flavoured crackers I got from Muji. Really sour.

 photo IMG_6332.jpg


 photo P1030327.jpg

We hardly come MBS so early.

 photo P1030328.jpg

 photo P1030329.jpg

The blooming lotus’ at the pond near Artscience Museum are so pretty!

 photo P1030333.jpg

 photo P1030334.jpg

We are going…

 photo P1030335.jpg

The car from the movie!

 photo P1030336.jpg

I’m sorry we couldn’t take any pictures inside the exhibition but I could tell you that the exhibition was really really fun! Totally amazed by all the costumes and props that was designed, all of those little details. I wish I could bring them home. The people inside the pictures are moving. I pulled a screaming young mandrake out of the pot.

You can find out more about the Exhibition from this sites:
Harry Potter Exhibition
Artscience Museum

I was famished after we were done with exhibition and we decided to dine in Sushi Express. It’s $1.50++ for any plate of sushi or dessert on the conveyor belt, including free flow of green tea, wasabi and ginger. But you are limited to 1 hour, I think most people only take an average of 30 mins to finish their food, so the time limit is quite reasonable.

Tea bags.

 photo P1030344.jpg

Sushi on the belt.

 photo P1030345.jpg

I’m going to post a whole load of sushi photos! I think I have almost tried everything on the conveyor belt.


 photo P1030341.jpg

 photo P1030342.jpg

Although I really wanted more but I must have enough tummy space for the rest.

 photo P1030346.jpg

Quite interesting.

 photo P1030348.jpg

 photo P1030349.jpg


 photo P1030350.jpg

 photo P1030352.jpg

Tried this for the first time and I kind of like it.

 photo P1030353.jpg

 photo P1030354.jpg

Ahhh~ I love hotate!

 photo P1030355.jpg

The shishamo is really good too.

 photo P1030356.jpg

 photo P1030357.jpg

 photo P1030358.jpg

 photo P1030359.jpg

 photo P1030361.jpg

Very satisfied. *Burp*
I must say the food is really fresh for the affordable price. I hope I can come back soon.

 photo P1030363.jpg

I really enjoyed my kinda belated birthday celebration with boyfriend! *grins*

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