Unusual milk day.

Boyfriend said he’s going to bring me to some pretty place. It’s somewhere in Queensway.


Walked to the back of this old building and across the field.


Hmm… so mysterious.

The place… took us quite some time to look for it.

Nice trees.


And interesting plants around.

We did walk to a wrong area but the place was beautiful.

So the place was a furniture shop called, Cottage Crafts, which is facing a huge empty space.

There was a ‘No Photography’ sign, so I wasn’t able to take pictures but I did secretly take one. It was too beautiful.

Could be any girl’s dream bed.

Took pictures while waiting for the bus to Liang Court.

And I finally get to have my first meal of the day at the shops outside Meidi-Ya. Many many choices to choose from.

Boyfriend had a Kimchi Katsu Don.

I had a Curry Beef Udon. Yummy!

Nobody would actually believe it that I drank milk but I can only drink cold chocolate milk. It must be cold if not the taste of milk will be too strong for me. The only reason for drinking: the milk bottle is cute.

And then red velvet cake and matcha ice cream at Marbleslab. =)

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