Kampar: Day 3

Breakfast with relatives before they set off to Singapore.

Yummy curry chilli paste.

Mee tai mak.

Side dishes.

Curry cockles. I usually hate cockles, I can only accept the taste of this.


In the old bookstore.

I found a Bape Kids e-mook! Only 15 ringgit!

Favourite fried tofu.

To the hot springs!

Ahhh~ nature.

Went across the bridge but there’s nothing much at the other side.

We always come here for a swim when we are young.

But the water has become so muddy and the place has become a mess.

We did not do any swimming at all.

Angsana seeds!

Decided to move to another spot with clear waters.


So this place is called the Hutan Lipur Lata Iskandar. Don’t ask me to translate.

Wooo! Waterfall!

Clear and cool water.

Omg. This place is so shiok! Windy and cooling!

Yes, I went up to the top of the waterfall.

Saw a shop that sells vintage stuffs.

Then, we stopped at a pasar malam to buy snacks.

Sunset back at home.

Dinner. =)