Kampar: Day 2 (tomb sweeping)

My relatives are finally here and we straight away head out to buy theĀ necessitiesĀ for tomb sweeping.

Roast pork, as always.

Hello, kitty kitty~


No, we don’t need clogs.

Some steam cakes and kueh.

Then to my cousin’s stall for breakfast.

Sides dishes.

Curry chee cheong fun!

The sun is rising! We have to quickly head to our destinations before it gets too hot and sunny.

First stop to my great grandparents grave, have to pray to the god of the mountain first.

Then we unload.

Spade is needed.

Up the mountain we go.

Setting up.

And pay our respects.

Our shoes were so muddy when we got down.


This place always floods and has a lot of super huge mozzies.

There’s a little stream!

Time to wash my muddy shoes!


I missed her!

Saving fire! The grass nearby caught fire.

Coconut juice break.

Then to the last stop, Granduncle. He passed away when he was young.

To the usual stop for lunch.

The starving us started gobbling on the roast duck first while waiting for the food to be served.

A huge plate of chicken.

Smelly bean with eggplant.

Roast meat.

To be continued…