Kampar: Day 1

We reach at dawn.

My aunt and uncle have not woken up yet and so we had to wander around for a while.

I took pictures while waiting.

This is the nearby timber factory.

Beautiful skies.

Rubbish dump area.

My aunt’s house, they do business here but goes back to the old house to sleep. It’s just one house away anyway.

We slept a while before going to the market for breakfast. Woke up a little late, most stalls are closed.

Luckily the wanton noodle stall was still open!

Oh, you yummy wantons.

Fried kway teow.

Hum chim pengs. Singapore cannot find the one with glutinous rice in the middle.

This is the supermarket.

The shop that sell wines.

To our favourite assam laksa stall! One can never stop eating once you are here.

Ai yu bing..

Another stop for chendol.

And another stop for some refreshing coconut juice.

Fruit rojak.

With the amazingly yummy shrimp paste sauce.

Very late dinner. Still very full from all the food…


Hong Kong chee cheong fun.

Curry mee.

Mee tai mak.

With the fried stuffs.

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