Cook: Black Vinegar Pig Trotters

I cooked black vinegar pig trotters today and boyfriend loves it! He even all of it and I had to top up with more pig trotters the next day.

It’s really easy to prepare!


Pig Trotters – 1 leg (hind leg has got more meat and chopped into pieces)
Black Vinegar with a Dog logo – Half of the big bottle
Gula Melaka – 2 to 3 pieces (depending how how sweet you like it to be)
Ginger – quite a lot of it, estimate 10x10cm, sliced
Hard-boiled eggs (optional)

Line the bottom of the pot with ginger and then place the pig trotter inside. This is to ensure that the meat does not stick to the bottom of the pot while cooking.

Place the rest of the ginger and gula melaka in between the pieces of pig trotters. Pour in the black vinegar and add water until it covers the pig trotters.

Turn to small fire and just left it simmer until the sauce is reduced to half.

Turn off fire and add in eggs to soak until flavour is absorbed. Do not let it boil inside, you would not like the egg to be hard. Alternatively, you can scoop out some sauce while the pot is still simmering, to soak the eggs.