i Light Singapore 2012

Gone dating to see i Light Marina Bay 2012! The last time we came was in 2010 when we were only together for a few weeks?

This is not part of i Light.

Light of the Merlion.

Why you no vomit rainbow?

Lights that you could see quite often.

Beautiful right?

Coral Garden. This one very cute!

How it looks underneath.

Bibigloo. No idea what’s so amazing about this anyway, except for reusing the containers.

Tall buildings.

After Light. I feel the music that was playing is eerie.

Kabula Rasa is inside one of the cubes.

Playing ghost. =P


This will be Uh… Yup… Uh…

Gap the Mind.

The Gate. I haveĀ reincarnated.


Becomes rainbow coloured if you touch one of its tentacles.

Deck Journey. Chairs light up if you sit on it.

Flow. Not flowing well, some of them does not light up.

The Light Dam. So not interesting.

Bioshell. I didn’t go in.


I didn’t get to see this lighted up! And Sweet Home was inside there too! Why they close off the area so early? =(

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