Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition and Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

A day out with boyfriend. It’s a date!

Here we are! Going over the helix bridge.

At the Artscience Museum.

To see the Titanic!

On the way there.

There was this huge Salvatore Ferragamo heels.


We got our own boarding pass.

I was Miss Hilda Mary Slater, who was going to get married with a British Baron soon.

Boyfriend was Colonel John Jacob Astor IV.


I took a few pictures inside, not suppose to but I felt that I needed to take them as memories.

This is how Titanic looks like.

Entrances and corridors.

Beautiful lights.

The grand staircase.

There was a whole load of artifacts and I must say they were beautiful. Even the things that people who are from the lowest class used beautifully crafted items. I wished I could take them all home. I believe you can view some of the artifacts here or even just google yourself. Oh! There was this leather boots, very old and messy looking but I was totally in love with it. Too bad I was not able to get a picture of it.

Also! Also! A huge piece of ice in the exhibition for people to have a feeling how cold it was on the sea. You’ll see a lot of hand prints on the ice as people want to leave their marks. I tried leaving my own too but it’s too cold, so it wasn’t obvious.

Sorry if I don’t have much pictures to show but I would recommend you to experience it yourself, although the tickets are a little expensive. I take it as appreciation of what the researchers and divers have done over the years.

So that’s how the LV boutique looks like.

Waiting for a water show to start.

Dinner in my hands.

Good view.

The show has started.

Very random storyline. I don’t know what they are trying to say.

Just there to watch the water show, lightings.and a little fireworks.

Beautiful reflection here.

The flat Singapore Flyer.

Finally going to try some chocolaty stuffs at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar! I’m a huge lover for chocolates!

A rough idea of what we are ordering.

I have no idea what is the name of this milkshake already but I’m guessing that it should be the pure Chocolate Truffle Granita. It was sinfully rich.

Introducing Suckao.

Put the chocolate in first, to melt them a little.

Then the milk. I do hope they could give a little more milk because it does get a little overly thick at the end of it because there is quite a lot of chocolate. No wonder it’s a ‘shot’.

The metal spoon is also a straw, use it to stir the hot cacao and drink using it too.

Heavenly stuff. I die of happiness.

We got a fondue too. Not that amazing but I do like the freshly fried banana and I goes well with the chocolate sauce.

I’ll be back definitely but not so soon!

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