Wild Honey

Finally got to meet up with Guerlain! It’s been a long time! We both wore leopard prints and I swear that it wasn’t planned.

We went shopping around until the rest joins us at Wild Honey.

Till we meet again! Come back soon with your baby!

Ishi Mura, TCC and MInds Cafe.

Steamboat buffet at Northpoint, Ishi Mura. Yes la! I have been craving for steamboat long ago.

They have quite a range of raw food to choose from.

Cooked food too. I wouldn’t recommended the salmon sushi, it has been left on the shelf for quite some time and you could see that the colour of the salmon is different. Only take it when you see them replacing with a new plate.


I added rice from the sushi inside the steamboat, so that it will be porridge steamboat and soup will be thicker. Yum!

I’m going out to meet my ex-colleagues! Love my nail colours!

Wanted to go Strictly Pancakes initially but the staff there sucks, they gave bad service even before we stepped in. We settled down at TCC instead.

I forgot what’s the food and drinks we ordered. I couldn’t stuff any food down my throat after that lunch buffet anyway.

And then to Minds Cafe! We played two games, it was fun. Laughed till stomach cramp.

I don’t remember the names of the board games already. Don’t ask me~

IKEA eat and shop.

Boyfriend gave me a new friend today! Yeah!

Dined at IKEA. I got the set which has two mains (fish and steak), two soups and orange juices. The steak is quite tough, although I would have hope it was more up to standard.

Apparently, they don’t have brownies anymore. What?! No more brownies? =(
This is just a chocolate cake that was just so normal.

Going back with our new purchase. Finally got full length mirror in his house. Yippee!