Mint Museum of Toys

Bringing my valentine’s gift out for the first time. =)

Craving for some tofu fries from I Love Taimei.

I bought a deal coupon for the Mint Museum of Toys, have always wanted to come but always didn’t have the time to. I forgot how much I paid for it, perhaps a buy-1-get-1 free?

Wooo… Tin robots, me likey.

My boyfriend is non-stop nonsense. Hahhaha!

Now you know why?


I shall just post the photos of the toys.

Bugs Bunny.

Tin Tin.



The is quite a weird combi.


Creepy looking ones.

Felix the cat.

Some puppy stuffs.

And so… Darlie toothpaste used to be Darkie.

Had a short break.

Toys made of tin.

Nice robot.


Mini Cars.

That’s all for the toys, pretty much glad that the I go the deal. The museum wasn’t big and I don’t like that huge amount of lights in there, it’s so disruptive – too much reflection.

There’s this small souvenir shop which you can get some vintage toys at a reasonable price. I do believe you can get them at a even lower price if you know where to look.

Here’s a tin carousel that caught my eye.

We had our all-time favourite Supreme Pork Chop Rice for dinner, it was just round the corner.

And did a bit of shopping at Bugis Junction.

I love these hands that hold mine so tightly. I can never let go.

To ION! For some Yami Yogurt.

And tako balls!

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