Haw Par Villa and Xi Men Ding Taiwan Cuisine.

Going out with boyfriend! Dating! Dating!

Found an easy way to perm my own hair.

Haw Par Villa.

Extracted from Wikipedia:

Previously known as ‘Tiger Balm Gardens’, Haw Par Villa was later renamed after its former owners, the Aw brothers – Boon Haw and Boon Par, who made a fortune in the early 1900s selling Tiger Balm, a cure-all paste created by their father.

Haw Par Villa is like no other place in the world, with over 1,000 statues and 150 dioramas that dramatise Chinese legends and folklore. Founded on Chinese legends and values, this historical theme park has large, imposing statues from famous legends of old – featuring characters like Fu Lu Shou, Confucius and the Laughing Buddha.

The most well-known is probably the Ten Courts of Hell exhibit, which depicts scenes of punishment and reincarnation popular to Buddhist belief. This is followed by Journey into the West, which retells the classic Chinese legend of monk Xuanzang in his search of Buddhist scriptures. Prepare to be fascinated by stories and images of ancient times here at Haw Par Villa, told vividly through storytelling.

If I could be an animal, I want to be a tiger. The best representation of me or rather the kind of person whom I want to be. It’s not just because my zodiac is a tiger. =)

Scary looking goats.


And the kind of things that most people are fearful of.

Going in the ten courts of hell.


Filial piety.


Guan yin.

At another part of the garden.

This is quite funny.

On the tiger!

Weird looking pandas.

Then, we’re off to Vivocity for some Taiwan Cuisine! We miss Taiwan food!

They don’t taste like what we hoped for. Oh well..

Frozen yoghurt at Yigloo.


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