Kampar: Day 2.

One of the usual places for breakfast, they have the best curry soup noodles here.

The chilli may look very oily but it’s good. It’s curry chilli, oh-so-fragrant and shiok!

My dry kway teow with the condiments at the back.

Iced milo.

All gone!

Did some shopping at Tesco.

Celebrated my auntie’s birthday at Secret Recipe.

Then for some praying at the house just 1 street away from ours.

Got home and did quite a massive search in my grandparent’s room.

An old Sharp TV console, I wanna have that.

Vintage radio.

Play cards.

Old coins.

Pretty beaded purse.

Yale lock.



My parent’s wedding invitation card.

And of course, a lot of old photos too. We definitely did took time to look through them.

My handsome daddy carrying my grandma up Genting’s stairs.

Favourite fried tofu. The seller will ride a motorbike and stop in front of the house to sell. Yum!

Dinner wasn’t amazing, still Chinese New Year and a lot of stalls aren’t open yet.

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