Taiwan, Day 9: Gold Museum and Juifen Old Street.

We will be going to Jiufen (九份) today. Just go to the bus stop near Zhongxiao Fuxing (忠孝复兴) MRT Station and take bus 1062.

The bus tickets. Return them to the bus conductor when you are getting down the bus.

This will be the stop if you are going to the Gold Museum.

It was raining and since a guide was asking if we wanted to view the history of the place in the old Japanese house, we gladly went in.

And we were given a tour in the old Japanese house which has been rebuilt before with it’s original materials as much as possible. The pictures are a little blur, as it was dim inside.

Don’t you like the rocking house?

Going up… and still raining…

Got in a cafe to hide from the rain again…

We ordered a sesame oil chicken which was very oily but oh-so-very-good!

And a bento lunch, you can just bring this whole set home. The whole thing is just too pretty!

I really really love all the pork chop rice in Taiwan. Why is it that all of them can cook so well?

Walked deeper into the place.

Boyfriend showing off how good his newly bought umbrella is, truly flexible.

At the Gold Museum.

The biggest block of gold in the whole world, too heavy to carry around.

Some gold mining machines.

Outside the museum. I wanted to go to the place when I could do some gold mining or rather sand washing myself, and then they will store it in a glass bottle for you to bring home. But the place is already closed when we got there. =(

Jiufen Old Street, just take bus 1062 and go back down.

The travel guide states that the Red Wine Vegetarian Meat Ball (红糟素肉圆) here is good.

We shared one and it was good. Chewy and bouncy skin with generous fillings.

There’s an artist whom likes to create lots of masks, he has all his artworks in this gallery.

Too many of them, I wouldn’t want to scare all of you away, so I better not put all the pictures here.

A few shops away, there is this place which you just have to pay a certain fee and you are free to use all the props inside to take pictures. Nobody was there when we went in and we kind of got in free.

Back to Shilin Night Market and this Minced Shrimp Cone looks interesting to try.

It definitely was good and there was a lot of fillings inside.

Finally going to get the Ah Zong Mee Sua (阿宗面线)!

We loved it! Be aware that there is no oysters inside but big intestines.

We not sleeping early and I asked boyfriend to go down and get some cup noodles. I loved how they have big chunks of meat inside.

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