Taiwan, Day 8: Flower Expo.

We moved from Taoyuan to Taipei and our hostel is going to be just opposite Shilin Night Market. Just how wonderful is that going to be?

Yes! Shilin Night Market station!

We got to the hostel early and a lady was still cleaning the room, we just left our luggages in the room and left for the expo which we saw while the train was passing by. I think it was like one or two stops before Shilin?

You’ll see planes flying pass, across the sky.

The Flower Bllom Art exhibition was available and it just happens to be something I would love to see.

Bought a pair of tickets at the counter, enjoy a discount if you have the Youth Travel Card.

The tickets.

The whole expo is pretty big.

Going in!

This lady greeted us at the entrance.

Xmas tree.

Talk less, more pictures. Use two different cameras, hence the colour and quality difference but you’ll get more angles. I was using my Canon Powershot E1 while boyfriend is using my Panasonic LX-5.

That’s a lot of pictures, right? Wait, it’s not half of it yet. Haha!

Cow on the loose!

Love these roses!

I still don’t think these rainbow roses are pretty.


Love the colour combination of these flowers.

This is a cute one.

This makes me dream of a yellow wedding.

Finally… done with the exhibition and out to the garden outside the expo.

Lots of flowers around the garden! Happy me!

I have no idea what is the name of these flowers.

Sunflowers too.

I better stop here for now, too many images in one post. I’ll continue in the next post. =)

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