Taiwan, Day 6: New Year Fireworks!

I believe everyone has been waiting for this post? Hahahha! I’m sorry, I was very busy with work last week. =P

Everyone holding their cameras and mobile phones, getting ready for pictures.

Here it goes!

I animated a part of the pictures I took.

A few of my favourites…

And here’s the full video of the fireworks.


Happy New Year from Taiwan! I look too ugly in this photo.

Be happy always…

We went to the other side where the concert is and squeezed through the crowd a little.

That’s Show Luo on the screen.

We left after a short while. couldn’t stand the crowd. We had a hard time or rather I was the one who had a hard time while trying to get into the train station. We had to queue with the crowd outside the entrance, so literally when the staffs decide to let a certain number of people in… I was lifted up, squashed and pushed to the front. Damn painful, hurt my spine a little. I can’t believe I was so light and easily lifted.

Still got train tickets back to Taoyuan on this very day.

Just queue at the ticketing machine and get it yourself.

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