Taiwan, Day 6: Wu Fen Pu and Taipei 101

It’s nice to see something new at the breakfast buffet.

And I made my own ham sandwich with meat floss. Yum!
Then we’re off to Taipei for shopping and fireworks tonight! There are a few bus stops around Taoyuan, it’s better if you ask around. You can always take the train, alternatively.
There’s shopping around Taipei’s train station.
We did get a little confused with all the lanes and the interchanges.
Can bring your bicycles on the MRT! That lady over there has a pretty bike by the way.
At Wu Fen Pu Commercial Zone (五分埔商圈), it’s at Hou Shan Pi (后山埤).
The lanes are very narrow and crowded but you can’t complain when the things are cheap.
Taiwan sausage. Quite a bit of people waiting.
Dessert at San Xiong Di (三兄弟).
Dinner near the temple before we set off to Taipei 101. Pictures are blur because it was too dark plus my shaky hands.
Taipei 101! We are there at around 7pm to chop places, in case it gets too crowded and we won’t be able to get a good view.
It’s is starting to get crowded.
Boyfriend took quite a lot of photos of the building.
Bear serving coke.
We’ve got a good view from here.
Many many people.
It gets really cold when the clouds are low and drizzling. You’ll appreciate it when you have hot food in your hands.
My new digital lomo, Biscuit Camera! Got this from Eslite at the Main Mrt Station, x’mas gift from Boyfriend. Love it much!
Fully lighted! Probably a test light up.
Still waiting…!
Come back again! The next post about the fireworks! =P

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