Taiwan, Day 5: Daxi Old Street.

Good morning! I’m all ready for breakfast.

We got buffet breakfast at the hotel but we woke up a little late, most of the food are gone.

I really did try not to eat too much.

Apple calpis! This is good.

Tried the Onion Biscuit (葱油饼), another famous stall.

Sorry, the picture is blur but it is yummy for sure.

We had to walked around the City to look for the bus stop which has the bus that goes to Daxi Old Street (大溪老街).

This is the bus terminal (interchange) in Taoyuan.

More sightseeing in the bus.

And we’re there at Daxi (大溪).

Just a 5 mins walk and you’ll reach Daxi Old Street (大溪老街).

Beautiful place.

Beautiful sun.

With a few temples around.


There was this area overlooking the river.


Bought a pack of brown sugar cakes to try, nothing much special about it.

Vegetarian braise tofu and other items, good stuff.

Bought a pack of mini braised hard boiled eggs to try, boyfriend haven’t had it before.

Boyfriend bought a bottle of honey in the shop specialized in selling honey.

And we got a cup of special honey drink, which is suppose to remove toxins from our body. It’s called, 黑心肝, ‘black hearted’ in english. Haha! The lady says we will be ‘good hearted’ after having this. It wasn’t too sweet and it is like jelly. Refreshing indeed.

The lady also introduced us to go to a stall nearby for dessert and so we went looking around for it. We even walked pass a school’s basketball court.

Found the shop.

But it was closing when we reached.

We were lucky, the shop lady asked if we were there for dessert and she gave us a bowl! It wasn’t as good as the rest that I’ve tried but I cherished it because it was so freaking cold.

Boyfriend bought a lottery scratch card.

We won nothing.

Bus-ed back to Taoyuan.

Went to a Milkhouse Bakery, I have been aiming it since yesterday. Just look at all that variety, it’s so hard to decide when all of them look mouth-watering. Breadtalk in Singapore is ‘meh’, I always go in and leave empty handed, nothing attracts me.

Tried the fried chicken, it should be like the fried pork ribs I had the day before but I still prefer the pork ribs.

Packed all the food and we went back to the hotel.

Fried chicken.

Garlic toast.

Crème brûlée bread, a little too milky for me but I still like it.

And also a rose flavoured meringue!

Got this Vanilla pie from the convenience store, only TWD 10!

Had enough rest and we went out for some hotpot (臭臭锅). Good for the cold weather.

Duck blood cake (鸭血糕) was soft and smooth. Yong tau foo stalls in Singapore used to sell pig blood cake but the government has banned it.

Got a drink at the Night Market.

Fish Leong’s signature?

Lot of strawberries.

Strawberry yogurt. Thumbs up!

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