Taiwan, Day 4: Taoyuan City

We got to the train station late, couldn’t get earlier tickets to Taoyuan and so we had to wait another hour for our train.

Bought more mochi to snack on while we wait.

The strawberry mochi was very very delish! We love it! Juices of the strawberry bursts out once I bite into the soft and sticky mochi. What a pleasant surprise!

Boyfriend is very busy with playing sudoku on my iPhone.

Finally on the train!

The view outside is gorgeous.

Stretching very much needed after sitting for so long.

We can see the beach from the train!

That little girls keeps peeking over. Haha.

Walked a long way from Taoyuan Train Station to Majesty Hotel. It’s actually walkable distance, it’s because we had to find our way around plus with our luggage, it seems long.

Got an e-mook and it has a Biscuit Camera! This is my X’mas present from boyfriend! Yeah! I love it.

The lobby isn’t huge but the staffs are friendly.

And the lifts are just right in front.

We’re on the top level.

The room is bigggggggggg! Woohoo!

Just the bathroom alone is bigger than my own bedroom and it even has a sauna.

Yeah! Hot bath tonight!

This is all complimentary.

Time for a vitamin pump for such cold weather, got to keep ourselves away from illnesses.

This is quite a yummy cookie.

We famished. First thing, food!

Found this place on the tourist map.

We ordered.

Flash your iCash card and get a 10% off! =)

Stop for a dessert.

Looking at all that chocolate oozing out of my cake! Yum!

Drink, not bubble milk tea though. Refreshing and quenches thirst.

Then we are on our way to Taoyuan Tourism Night Market, it’s just a little distance from our hotel.

Saw a pet shop. Cute little doggie. I want!

Night market.

This shop sells very very delicious Fried Pork Ribs (排骨酥). Definitely addicted.

Spongebob egg cakes, giving these a miss.

Boyfriend tried a game at the game shop. Just fill up the jug with water that has a hole at the bottom, once the bell rings, you’ll win something. He filled it up but the bell never rang at all. We got cheated!

Got to this famous stall that sells baked potatoes!

Nice uncle.

He gave me a baked potato skin to snack on while I wait for my set of bake potato.

I truly love it!!! Fluffy baked potatoes with many toppings – bacon, ham, tuna, corn, broccoli and with their special concoction of cheese sauce.

Oh. This is actually how the front of Majesty Hotel looks like if we get in from the back alley.

That couple are the owners of our previous hostel, Taroko 18. They’re on TV. O.o”

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