Taiwan, Day 3: Pine Garden and Hualien City.

I know I haven’t shown you people how the outside of Taroko 18 hostel looks like, it’s nothing special because it looks just like any other house. The best landmark will be this hostel, 英伦城堡, which is just beside our hostel.

Walking pass this whole stretch of shops and houses to the Hualien Train Station.

Saw a shop that sells braised meat rice (卤肉饭) which is one of my boyfriend’s favourite, we decided to stop for breakfast.

The braised meat rice was only TWD 25! Can you believe that?

Add I ordered a pork chop rice. I so love the pork chops in Taiwan. Why are they all so tender and juicy?

Comes with a soup too.

Bought the Cross Platform Tickets (月台票) again to just go over the front exit.

Bought a one-piece figurine…

Why is it not Tony Chopper!? =(

Bought bus tickets to Pine Garden (松園別館), it should be cheaper than TWD 86 because I never ask the person at the counter. Stupid me.

We even missed our stop… quite a lot of it too because I couldn’t hear the bus announcing the stop. In the end, we took a cab to Pine Garden (松園別館) instead.

This is Pine Garden (松園別館)!

Up to level 2.

So boyfriend takes pictures of me from downstairs. Don’t you just love those vines around the building?

While I take his too.

We exchanged places.

No, that orange is too old for consumption.

The funniest thing is when I saw this table, I remembered my Dad telling me that he wrote exactly the same words under his desk in school. So when I got home, I showed him this picture, he was amazed. *grin*

This is a weird wishing well.

Boyfriend still made his wish anyway.

Going inside the museum store.

To the front yard.

Nice view.

Hollow benches.

And this is my favourite, it’s now our Facebook cover picture. =)

And this is the cafe at the back of the building.

Leaving this beautiful and peaceful place.

I like that mail box.

Walking down to Hualien City.

There are pretty restaurants along the road.

Japanese house.

Saw this interesting road.

Because there is this Husband And Wife Tree. Awesome eh?

It is right behind the Japanese house.

We got to an area where there are a lot of shops.

Had some desserts at 多福豆花. There is small, medium and large to choose from. The large is really big though.

Soya beancurd with peanut.

And this is with pearls.

And we are at Old Railway the Footpaths (舊鐵道行人徒步道).

Passed by some cute kitty cats and yummy-looking cakes!

Finally, found this shop (五霸包心粉圆焦糖挫冰) after walking so many rounds, my legs need a rest.

I do encourage all of you to share this dessert, the serving is huge.

Many ingredients inside – soya beancurd, red bean, glass jelly, and the pearls have four different types of fillings.

Next, the famous oyster fry stall, Hai-Pu Oyster Omelet (海埔蚵仔煎)!

Fresh oysters.

I’m going to irritate all of you. Mwahahaha!


Miniature shop, looks too real.

This place has enormously huge watermelons.

Not very red but sweetness max!

Decided to risk it and stop by for a smelly hotpot at 三妈臭臭锅. Why is it smelly? Because there is smelly tofu inside.

They have very low seating in store, not very comfortable for my boyfriend.

Here comes my hotpot with lots of ingredients! It really isn’t that smelly, just slight. Boyfriend quite like the tofu. Really good for freezing days and quite addictive. Comes with a bowl of rice.

Add another serving of pork slices and duck meat balls. Duck meat balls were surprisingly delicious, even better than the usual pork meat balls. Why Singapore don’t have?

Before I go off, I have some things to show.

We got this set of things from the agent when we booked our air tickets, it’s sponsored by 7-eleven. Coupons to use but do go look around, there are places that sell it at a lower price. I also got my free masks on our first day using these coupons.

Night market coupons that come together in this booklet and we actually forgot to use it!

And this, very important. You can buy this iCash card (悠游卡) at the 7-eleven stores. It can be used for the MRT and also for your purchases in the 24 hr marts. Plus, you get discounts in certain shops and restaurants if you show this card. Just look out for those shops that have the iTaiwan logo or look for the travel brochures that will state which shops will accept the card.

Hope this helps! Bye! =)

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