The girls and I booked a room at Amara Hotel and that is where we’re having our staycation!

This is how the room looks like.

The bed is kind of high, we have to jump a little just to get on it.


The ventilation in the room is not good enough, I started sneezing away once I got in and I’m very sure it’s not flu.

We got our X’mas presents ready.

Then it was time for lunch, I’m famished!

This restaurant does not serve warm water or tea, they just gave us two bottles of mineral water.

Side dishes are refillable.

I had a bibimbap, which is enough for two persons and we think every other dish is huge too.

Tofu soup for Helen, she’s on diet but she keeps snacking non-stop. *shrugs*

Minced meat noodles.

Ginseng chicken soup, spiced salt is provided so you just have to adjust the taste yourself.

We really couldn’t finish all of it.

Slacked a little in the hotel room and then it was time for food again, my sneezing was bad enough and I just wanted a bowl of hot soup. We went to the nearby fish bee hoon stall.

Took turns to shower and we had our X’mas gift exchange!

This is from Helen.

From Serene.


And lastly, Shuhui.

Birthday cakes for Wenqing (belated) and Shuhui (very early).

Happy Birthdays!

Just some random picture.

We played UNO cards, made a bet. Whoever loses will take a bite from this green apple that Helen got from the corridor and put it back.

Helen lost. Hahahahhaa! We had a great laugh.

She actually had two mouthfuls of the green apple before putting it back.

There it is, back to it’s original place..

We slept really late but couldn’t really sleep well too. My nose is giving me problem, the air in the room is really bad. Woke up early for breakfast, the birthday girls bought the food. LOL!

One group picture before we leave.

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